The first thing that comes to my mind when I hear “Cane Corso” is protection or guardian. As a matter of fact, the breed name is said to have been derived from the Latin word "cohors," which can be translated as "guardian," "protector," or "guardian of the courtyard."

It’s unfortunate, but our world is changing.

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In the U.S. in 2011, there were an estimated 9,063,173 property crimes, and victims of property crimes (excluding arson) lost an estimated $15.6 billion. The 2011 arrest rate for violent crimes was 172.3 per 100,000 inhabitants; for property crime, the rate was 531.3 per 100,000.

Enter the "Cane Corso Italiano," or Italian Mastiff!

Utilized throughout the countryside of Italy and the Roman Empire for centuries, Cane Corsi have been bred for a wide range of purposes, most notably as Roman war dogs, or then named "canis pugnax." At that time, these dogs accompanied the Roman armies on to the battlefield where they were employed as unfailing and fearless guardians, scouts, sentries, and trackers. The perseverance, determination, and stamina of these dogs was incomparable, an asset on the battlefield and beyond, where they were also used to fight and hunt wild animals such as boars, lions, and bears.

After the dissolution of the Roman Empire, the Corso had a unique role in Southern Italy and surrounding areas as a guardian, hunter, and farmhand. Tasks ranging from guarding flocks and buildings to routing hogs and cattle kept him employed around the clock.

While these ancient molossers were known for their sheer strength and aggressiveness, the Cane Corso of our day is versatile enough to be anything from a loyal family pet to a fearless guardian of estate, family, and property. His protection of his family and owners is unequaled, and he bonds readily with his owner and family. In short, he is literally, "man's best friend."

Own one, and we think you’ll agree!

We received the papers, thanks so much, so nice to finally have them, we are so in love with this boy, he is such a character. Really responsive. We are so lucky to have him, recently we were out walking and you know Germany and its trails, well a guy came out of nowhere and tried to grab one of my boys, Rocky without hesitation lunged and it was strange in such a gentle way to my boy, jammed in between the guy and did this lion like stance towards him and backed up pushing D back into me, needless to say, the man left pretty quick, we called the Mps... To say we love this boy, would be an understatement, and I know that would mean alot to you guys, as a breeder of any animal, you want the best for your little ones after they are passed on.

-- U.S. Army Family in Germany

Intelligent, the Cane Corso is easily trained. As a large and athletic breed, they need a lot of exercise. They are affectionate to their owner and bond closely with children and family. Cane Corsos are light shedders, which make grooming simple - all they need is an occasional brushing.

-- American Kennel Club